Life is what you make it.


Truth is…

…I should have let our friendship go the first time you did this. You stupid girl. You live in a fantasy world and you just lost the ONE true friend you had. The one that would listen to your drama for days, weeks, YEARS even! I want so badly to verbally destroy you but I will refrain. Not because youre “good at what you do,” but because I’m better at it. Youre over 30 years old, when are you going to start acting like it? You’re one giant headcase. You believe your own lies. I allowed you to tell me stories for years. I call them stories because thats what most of them were. Its seriously ludicrous the extremes you would go to. From pretending to be pregnant to my favorite, pretending that a close friend of yours died. I remember you calling me saying that you were in California for his funeral and crying for an hour. Then I remember finding out that that guy was a profile YOU made to compliment you on your own page. I remember when I found the real guy and actually spoke to him. What a joke. You’re fucking NUTS! And after all that, I still forgave your loony ass. Why? Because I remember being on the phone with you before, during, and after you went into labor with your son. I also remember the many sleepless nights I had listening to you cry because your sons father had just died and I didnt want you to be alone. I remember being on the phone with you as you walked into the church to see his body in the coffin and hearing you break down. I’ve been there for you through so much shit over the years and you have the audacity to call me a liar? I am a lot of things but a liar is certainly not one of them. 

I never met anyone with so many kids yet lacks a life. You should get one. A real one.

I hope it was worth it.

#fuckyou #fuckoff #bye #pissed #badfriend #dontevertalktomeagain #seeya

#fuckyou #fuckoff #bye #pissed #badfriend #dontevertalktomeagain #seeya